Rapper Tokyo Jetz Is Pregnant With A Baby Boy! [Photos]

Rapper Tokyo Jetz is Pregnant With a Baby Boy!

After months of rocking belly-concealing wardrobe, Grand Hustle rapper Tokyo Jetz has revealed she is pregnant! A la Kylie Jenner, the sassy MC and her child’s father agreed to keep their expectant bundle of joy to themselves to remain stress-free. She opened up to followers with an Instagram post about her baby boy, revealing his name for the first time:

“@tokyojetz We decided to keep you private in December because of how important we believe peace is. My entire tour I performed through hell with you but I’d go through it again a million times over to meet you…you been tryna cause a scene at almost every show popping out well say hi Amir..we do this for you now”

Previous photos on her social media now make sense, with her tummy constantly being covered by fabric. Tokyo hilariously added that she is done sucking her tummy in to hide Baby Amir!

She even went as far as to let a concerned fan know exactly how she conceived!

Congratulations on your journey to mommyhood, Tokyo Jetz!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay