Kamala Harris’ Microphone Snatched By Protestor During Event [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris’ Microphone Snatched By Protestor During Event [VIDEO]

Senator Kamala Harris was the victim of a truly scary moment that could have produced a tragic outcome. While speaking at a conference for the California Democratic Party convention, a white male protestor jumped the stage as Harris was speaking and snatched her microphone.

As a public figure, your security detail should be on guard at all times—especially when you’re speaking publicly in front of a crowd. Sen. Kamala Harris is likely questioning her security after they failed to stop a man in enough time before he jumped the stage and snatched her microphone away from her.

Several 2020 Democratic Party hopefuls were recently in San Francisco from the Democratic Party Convention where there were various events to hear the platforms and views of party members. One such event was MoveOn’s “Big Ideas” conference where Harris was speaking on a panel before a white male protestor stormed the stage and literally snatched the microphone from her hand.

The man in question has been identified as 24-year-old Aidan Cook of Oakland, California. He reportedly took the mic from Harris to “bring more attention to the mass extinction of animals.” Cook was also not charged with a crime and claimed that security at MoveOn” was “cool about it.”

The most alarming take away from this disturbing encounter is how easily he was able to get on stage and how long he remained before he was pulled off by security. In the amount of time he was up there, he could have seriously harmed or killed her.

Thankfully Harris wasn’t harmed, but she’s surely side-eyeing the security detail after an incident that could have easily been avoided.


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings