Mega Preacher Jamal Bryant Criticizes Kanye After Holding “Sunday Service” At His Church: “His politics are indigestible!”

Pastor Jamal Bryant, Kanye West

Pastor Jamal Bryant Criticizes Kanye West After Holding “Sunday Service” At His Church: “His politics are indigestible!”

How quickly the pulpit podium turns. Pastor Jamal Bryant recently held Kanye West‘s popular gospel jam session – “Sunday Service” – at his Atlanta church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, in September.

He even regarded Kanye’s gospel infused concert as “a way to reach the new generation.”

However, Pastor Bryant now seems to be speaking out against Kanye West due to his alignment with the views of the controversial Donald Trump. He posted this caption on Instagram along with a clip from his own church service:

“@jamalhbryant Reading in between the lines… Kanye west project is incredible but his politics are indigestible . The message after the music is just as important.”

He continued:

“Jesus is king and Trump is a jester. Our theology doesn’t match this administrations politics…the evolution won’t be televised…”

Kanye’s allegiance to Trump has really ruffled Pastor Jamal Bryant’s feathers. This wasn’t his first time criticizing Kanye’s political views. Weeks after New Birth hosted “Sunday Service,” the senior pastor redirected Kanye’s donation to the church as scholarships to Morris Brown College. One of the scholarships is in Kanye’s late mother’s name, as she was a member of Morris Brown’s faculty at one point. Pastor Jamal Bryant told the congregation:

“To say that you unashamedly support Donald Trump… I don’t align with the statements of Kanye West. I don’t endorse it, nor do I subscribe to it. And I am not a runaway slave. To that end, Mr. west made a significant donation to New Birth Cathedral. But I do not want to be guilty of double speech. I met with my team today and the donation that he made to our church, I am now redirecting. I’m going to be giving that donation he gave to Morris Brown College…On this day, we want to open up, in the honor of Donda West, the foundational scholarship in her name. I am doing so on behalf of prayerful expectation, on behalf of her son who I am praying will, through the power of God, come back to rightful consciousness on what it means to equip and empower our people.”

This is interesting, considering Kanye West has been a Trump supporter since he entered his presidency in 2016. He was even seen sporting the infamous red Make America Great Again hat several times, years before he set foot in New Birth’s sanctuary.

Why the sudden change, Pastor Bryant?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay