Chance The Rapper Tells Fan Criticizing Him To ‘Eat A D***’

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Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper Tells Fan Criticizing Him To ‘Eat A D***’

We hardly ever see Chance The Rapper caught up in drama. But he was spotted in rare form on Twitter Wednesday night after one fan criticized him. A social media user wrote:

“people have different tastes in music and that’s fine but the way you’re talking to fans who’ve been with you since 10 day is disappointing and that ego reflects in the quality of your newest music”

Chance seemed very unbothered by what the fan had to say. He responded with,

“Eat a d***”

And their back and forth didn’t stop there. The fan, Chris, then added,

“It’s good to see that your daughter and relationship with God turned you into a good man instead of someone who can’t handle criticism.”

Chance The Rapper

Chance’s initial response for Chris seemed so out of character that a few fans thought he had been hacked. Chris added,

“He sure didn’t used to act like that”

But Chance cleared up any speculation that he was hacked when he wrote,

“Nah its me”

He added,

“You’re a spoiled child who thinks artists are making music for you. I never intended for you to find or like anything I made. If I knew you existed, I would’ve tried my hardest to keep you from being able to enjoy it. Now go eat a d*** again.”

Chris then wrote,

“I didn’t say whether your music was good or bad, I said you treat your fans poorly. You’re supposed to be a role model but youre out here telling people to eat d***s for offering you criticism. SMH”

Chance the Rapper

Chance then said he couldn’t help but laugh at the phrase that seemed to be getting the fan the most upset.

“Because it’s the internet. Its making me laugh hysterically everytime someone has to read me telling you to eat a d*** especially when u read eat a d***. Hahahaha… Eat a d*** again tho.”

Chance posted a gagging GIF after Chris said,

“Can’t believe I used to love you. You’ve got the Kanye ego without the prowess.”

Chance then turned his attention to a fan who said he was disappointed in the rapper’s behavior, noting that the “ego doesn’t suit you” and instead “discredits all the strides” he showed in Chance’s previous project, Coloring Book. Chance said,

“Its really condescending when you talk about ‘strides I showed’ and ‘what suits me’ lol. If I needed your help or taste to make music I would’ve called you everytime I hit the studio for advice. You don’t know me or care for me you just listened to songs I made a long time ago.”

Chris made his return and questioned how he disrespected Chance. 

Chance ended the digital argument and said,

“I don’t think I was disrespecting either one of your accounts. I truthfully think you should go eat a d***. Was it disrespectful that I don’t take advice from you on how to make music? I don’t understand what part was disrespectful”

See the entire exchange below.


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