Jailed Rapper Foogiano Threatens To Slap Trey Songz For Posting His Girlfriend Renni Rucci


Jailed Rapper Foogiano Threatens To Slap Trey Songz For Posting His Girlfriend Renni Rucci


It looks like Atlanta rapper Foogiano (real name: Kwame Khalil Brown) is making threats while behind bars. The jailed rapper had some unfriendly words for singer Trey Songz after he posted a photo of Foogiano’s girlfriend, Renni Rucci. On Friday night (Mar.26) Trey Songz took to Instagram where he shared a photo of rapper Renni Rucci on his IG story, leaving some to believe he may be ‘shooting his shot’.

Foogiano caught wind of the “Mr.Steal Your Girl” singer’s post and wasn’t too fond of it. While the jailed rapper currently does not have direct access to social media, it appears his team shared a message on his behalf.  Through his Instagram story, Foogiano was able to deliver a pubic threat to Trey Songz.

“Slap the sh*t out you when I get out” @treysongz From the Mayor”


Shortly after, a video surfaced of Foogiano continuing to threaten Trey Songz while in jail. Foogiano said,

“Trey, you a b**ch. I’m gonna slap the f*ck out you when I catch you, boy. You better have a lot of security with you and I’ll slap the f*ck out them, too, with yo old a**. Sangin a** n***a, you ain’t gon’ sing when I catch your b**ch a**, boy.”

See The Clip Below:

Trey Songz seemingly responded to Foogiano’s threat. On Saturday (Mar.27) Trey posted a picture of himself and captioned it,

“[laughing emoji] picture dat.”


According to authorities, Foogiano is currently in jail after violating his probation by melting off his court-ordered ankle monitor and disappearing. After being wanted for nearly three months, the rapper was arrested on March 11th, by a U.S. Marshal’s Office task force in Memphis, TN on a fugitive from justice warrant. The rapper was also named in an ongoing lawsuit along with rapper Gucci Mane, filed by the estate of a victim in the July 2020 shooting at the Lavish Lounge in Greenville, South Carolina. Authorities said Jarquez K. Cooper, a member of Foogiano’s entourage, opened fire into the audience from onstage, killing two people and wounding eight. Foogiano and Gucci Mane were not charged in the shooting.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole