Toronto Raptors Fan Creates GoFundMe For Kevin Durant’s Charity

Toronto Raptors Fan Creates GoFundMe For Kevin Durant’s Charity 

During Game 5 of the NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors superstar forward, Kevin Durant took a career risk by suiting up and playing for his team with a right leg injury. In the beginning of the second quarter, the 2-time NBA champion re-injured the same leg and will miss the remainder for their season. Durant tore an Achilles in Golden State’s 106-105 win over the Toronto Raptors.

After going down in pain when he took a couple of steps, grabbing at the lower part of his calf, Durant was unfortunately cheered on by some Raptors fans at the ScotiaBank Arena Monday night. Warriors All-Star center, DeMarcus Cousins wasn’t very pleased how some of the Raptors fans reacted to Durant’s injury. After the game, Cousin said,

“So trash. But like I said, when we’re behind the lines, it’s superstar athletes. Not human beings. It’s always about what we do between those lines. That’s it. That’s all that ever matters. And then once we lash out and do human-type things, then we’re considered bad guys.”

Fast forward to Tuesday, an account was created on GoFundMe to apologize for Toronto fans reaction with donating all proceeds to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. Their goal is to raise $25,000 for the Warriors superstar’s organization that supports low-income, at-risk youth with educational, social, and athletic programs. In the description of the page, the GoFundMe says that the account was made by “true” fans of the Raptors that “wanted to say sorry.”

On behalf of the level-headed and true fans of Raptor Nation – from Toronto to Vancouver to Iqaluit to St. John’s, and any fans living outside Canada:  we wanted to say “sorry”. 

We’re sorry that some fans of Raptor Nation at the Scotiabank arena, Jurassic Park, and in some bars/restaurants showing the game, displayed an ugly side of fandom when they cheered on the injury of Kevin Durant. 


The GoFundMe page continues,

This isn’t cool. This isn’t right. This isn’t what I expect from fellow Canadians.

Yes, we’re hungry for a championship however true NBA fans would never cheer on a man getting injured or wave goodbye as they limp to the locker-room area.. KD is a player that brings up the game of basketball.  This NBA Playoffs have had a lot of ugly fan moments. From racist tweets being hurled at Nav Bhatia, Raptor superfan  to part-owners shoving players  … there have been a lot of heated moments throughout these playoffs. 

Both of the examples had crazy fans that did not reflect their team’s fanbase. I’d like to believe that the people cheering / waving goodbye at KD inside Scotiabank and in Jurassic Park also do not reflect ourpassionate fanbase.

I know for the next few days the sports talk shows won’t be talking about the game much… they’ll be talking about how crappy our fans are. 

So I’d like to at least do my part in turning lemons into lemonade and showing the world how uncrappy we are.

At the moment, the page has raised nearly $10,ooo in 24 hours of launching. As previously reported, Durant took his injury hard posting to Instagram saying his soul was hurting. Durant writes,

“Dub nation gonna be loud as f*ck for Game 6. I’m hurting deep in the soul right now, I can’t lie but seeing my brothers get this win was like taking a shot of Tequila. I got new life lol.”

He also provided an update on his surgery from hospital.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette