Tina Lawson Defends Son-In-Law Jay-Z Amidst NFL Controversy

Tina Knowles, Jay-Z

Tina Lawson Defends Son-In-Law Jay-Z Amidst NFL Controversy

In case anyone was wondering, Tina Lawson is team Jay-Z when it comes to his deal with the NFL. Jay-Z signed on to be the head of entertainment programming for the league and will be in charge of performances like the Super Bowl halftime show. While this is a big deal, many were upset considering the climate between the Black community and the NFL. Former star quarterback Colin Kaepernick was allegedly blackballed for kneeling during the national anthem at games, in protest to police brutality.

But Lawson, mom of Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce, has broken her silence amid all of the chatter and joined the conversation.

She reposted a fan page for the couple that said Jay-Z has been quietly helping the water crisis in Flint, Mich.

“Meanwhile Jay-Z been sending millions of cases of water to flint and not even saying a word about it. What have these Twitter woke blue checkmarks done?”

Knowles added,

“Repost: good question”

Meanwhile, Jay-Z has also stood by his decision, despite getting lots of criticism for it.

During a press conference, he said,

“I think we’ve passed kneeling. I think it’s time to go into actionable items. I think everyone knows what the issue is, and we’re done with that. We all know the issue now. Okay, next. Where are we moving on next? And I’m not… again, to be clear, for the room, I’m not minimizing that part of it. That has to happen. That’s a necessary part of the process. Now we all know what’s going on. What are we going to do? How are we going to stop? How are gonna stop? The kneeling wasn’t about a job, it was about injustice. Let me bring attention to injustice. Everyone’s saying, ‘How are you going forward and Kaep doesn’t have a job?’ This wasn’t about him having a job.”

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