Trey Songz Shows Off Adorable Son, Noah [Photo]

Trey Songz, son Noah

Trey Songz Shows Off Adorable Son, Noah [Photo]

Trey Songz is serious about his Daddy duties! He might not have told fans about his son until after he was born, but it’s safe to Trey is all in when it comes to being a part of baby Noah’s life. He posted a snapshot of him holding the infant Thursday and made it clear this isn’t a game for him.

“That’s me!!!!!! Ain’t gon play no games bout this here!”

It’s safe to say Trey is an extremely proud dad. Earlier this week, he posted a video of Noah that showed off their amazing father/son bond as Noah smiled when Trey asked if the baby missed him.

Sunday also marked Trey’s first Father’s Day, and we’re not surprised he celebrated that too. He wrote,

“I know a different love now. Happy Father’s Day.”

Trey first showed Noah’s face on May 17, the day after he hinted at being a father.

“My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace”

Trey first implied he was a dad on May 16 when he showed little Noah’s adorable feet.

The Jasmine Brand previously reported that Noah’s mother is said to be a woman named Caro Colon. 

Trey Songz, Caro Colon


How good does fatherhood look on Trey Songz?

Authored by: Char Patterson