Bow Wow Blasts Woman Who Busted Window Out Of His Car: She Caught Me With Another Woman

Bow Wow

Bow Wow Blasts Woman Who Busted Window Out Of His Car

Rapper/actor Bow Wow has had more than his fair share of relationship drama, but just as things seemed to settle down a bit for the Growing Up Hip Hop star, he recently shared the damage done to his car by a scorned ex.

Bow Wow’s list of exes is practically never-ending and some of those relationships proved to be toxic all the way around—but his latest dalliance with an unnamed woman may have yielded even more disturbing results.

Bow Wow took to Instagram and posted his vehicle’s driver’s side window completely busted with a telling caption:

“Really? So this what you do? you pull up to my place of business and bust the windows out the g wagon? While I’m working? Really…? Come on girl… #imblamingjazminsullivan ?? #thesewomenoutcheaCRAZY #growup”

When questioned by fans in the comments about what he did to warrant the damage to his car, he admitted this:

“@queennalahhunniee caught me with another woman … ? but i mean damn.”

Fans also began to speculate who was behind the incident, largely hinting at ex-girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie, however Bow Wow shut that assumption down:

“@thebandlord naw who ever yall guessing aint the one. I know who do this! ??

Surely, we’ll find out who the mystery woman is behind the window-busting sooner or later.


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings