Tina Lawson Shows Off Beyonce’s Inches!

Tina Lawson Shows Off Beyonce’s Inches! [VIDEO]

While we normally see Beyonce in wigs and braids, her mom as proved once again that she has lots of hair underneath those protective styles. She posted a video on Instagram that shows her trimming the iconic singer’s hair, which goes all the way down her back. Mama Tina was clearly having fun as she described Beyonce’s hair as “au naturale.” But Beyonce didn’t think it was funny.

“Mama that’s very annoying. I mean very annoying.”

That didn’t stop Tina Lawson from raving about Beyonce’s hair even more, causing Beyonce to say,


Check out the mother-daughter moment below.

Earlier this year, Beyonce also debuted a new look and rocked darker hair.


This is a switch up from the blonde hair we’re used to seeing from Queen Bey. 


And let’s not forget her throwback haircut from 2013.

She has clearly grown inches since then.

How much do you love Beyonce’s natural hair? Let us know in the comments. 

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