Tina Knowles Lawson Wards Off Cougars With Picture of Teenage Grandson: “He’s only 14!”

Tina Knowles Lawson Wards Off Cougars With Picture of  Grandson Julez: “He’s only 14!”

Mama Tina doesn’t play! Beyonce and Solange‘s mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, is fiercely protective of her cubs – which she recently showed on Instagram. She posted a slew of fabulous photos from her surprise 65th birthday bash, one of which featured her grandson – Solange’s son, Daniel “Julez” Smith, Jr. She subliminally let her hot-and-heavy followers know that Julez is still a teenager before they even thought to comment inappropriately. Her caption read:

“@mstinalawson My handsome grandson Julez , (only 14) and @tiffanyhaddish @mrrichardlawson my birthday party.”

Oop! Her followers quickly caught on to her classy shade.

We recently learned the great lengths to which she and her ex-husband, Mathew Knowles, went to protect Destiny’s Child in their teenage years.

In a recent interview, Mathew explained how they insured that R. Kelly had no access to his young girl group:

“I was there, and my former wife Tina was there. The thing with R Kelly was, he liked to record late at night, around midnight. And what was different with his studio was that one room had a recording suite, and next door was a club, with 40 or 50 people dancing…The girls were 15, 16. When they went to the bathroom, Tina would go with them. They did not leave our eyes.”

We can’t help but notice how handsome and distinguished Julez Smith is becoming! Julez’s father, Daniel Smith, often posts photos with his son on Instagram, documenting how quickly he’s growing up! On Julez’s 14th birthday, he posted this caption:

“@danieljsmith713 We all smiles ova here!!!!! Can’t believe u are 14 years old today SON,I remember when u was just a pup, now look at you growing into your own man!!!!!! So proud of who u are my lil g, lil smitty, my lil woodie, one third of my heart, the reason I know what TRUE LOVE looks like #JULEZ14birthday #prouddad @saintrecords we did that shorty #djsmitty #danieljulezjsmith2nd #happybirthday #happybday #julezbydanieljsmith”

Daniel Smith, Juelz Smith, Jas Prince

Our first glance at Beyonce’s nephew was in his mommy’s belly! Solange and Daniel Smith made a cameo in Destiny’s Child’s “Soldier” video. (3:30 mark)

What do you think about Tina Knowles Lawson’s sassy warning?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay