Janet Jackson Stops Traffic To Visit Stonehenge [VIDEO]

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Stops Traffic to Visit Stonehenge

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Janet Jackson isn’t too famous for tourist activities! The iconic triple threat is on a European tour, and while traveling from the Glastonbury Music Festival to the Montreux Jazz Festival – she spotted the historic stone monument, Stonehenge.


Janet had to grab a pic – even if it meant stopping traffic! She told her Instagram followers:

“So this is is Stonehenge. I’ve seen documentaries on it. I’ve never seen it in real [life] – I’m so excited! Don’t know how this got here- but, please…can you step out? Uh oh! We’re holding up traffic! These people are gonna be so mad at me, but, you know what? Just get me, somebody get me! I gotta represent!”

Stonehenge is a massive prehistoric stone monument in northern Salisbury, England that garners millions of visitors every year. According to Live Science, historians speculate that the stones were used to map out a much larger sacred space used for burials – but are not certain on the actual reason it was built.

What do you think of Janet Jackson’s traffic-stopping tourist moment?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay