Tina Turner Talks Finding Peace After Son’s Tragic Suicide ‘I’m A Happy Person’, New Husband Offering His Kidney & ‘Cruel’ Ex Ike Turner

Tina Turner

Tina Turner Talks Finding Peace After Son’s Tragic Suicide ‘I’m A Happy Person’, New Husband Offering His Kidney & ‘Cruel’ Ex Ike Turner

Anyone who has seen What’s Love Got To Do With It knows that Tina Turner went through a tumultuous time at the peak of her singing career. But unfortunately for the singer, her tragedies didn’t end after she and her husband Ike Turner. Her son, Craig, took his life in July 2018.

It’s safe to say Turner has found a way to cope and heal. In a recent interview, she opens up about the loss. Turner said,

“I think Craig was lonely, that’s what I think really got him more than anything else. I have pictures all around of him smiling, and I think I’m sensing that he’s in a good place. I really do.”

Turner, who is officially a resident of Switzerland, also said she couldn’t ask for anything more in life.

“I have everything. When I sit at the Lake Zurich in the house that I have, I am so serene. No problems. I had a very hard life. But I didn’t put blame on anything or anyone. I got through it, I lived through it with no blame. And I’m a happy person.”

Turner, 79, survived a stroke, intestinal cancer and kidney failure. She said her husband Erwin Bach, who is 16 years younger than her, was willing to step in to help her and offered his own kidney, which she accepted after a little hesitation.

“And I said, ‘Yes, but darling, you’re young and I’m already old. And I don’t mind.’  In Buddhism, you’re taught that you live and you die. It’s something that’s accepted. And so then after Erwin said that, I said, ‘Okay darling, if you’re willing to give up a kidney, then fine.'”

Along with getting through health challenges, an infamous abusive relationship with her ex-husband Ike Turner is also on the list of things Tina has made it through. She said of Ike, 

“I thought he was the ugliest person I’d ever seen. I’ve never seen anybody that skinny! But he had a presence. And then I watched him when he got on stage and he started. I thought, ‘Oh, wow, I wanna sing with that band!'”

Tina Turner, Ike Turner

He said it didn’t take long for him to change her name from Anna Mae Bullock to Tina Turner, which was only the beginning of his controlling ways.

“That is when he took over the money, the name, the whole control. He was cruel because he depended on me. He didn’t like that he had had to depend on me. And I didn’t want to start a fight because it was always a black eye, a broken nose, a busted lip, a rib. It got to the point where you finally decided to fight back, something you had never done before, I mean physically you fought back. I felt that I’ve had enough, just enough, enough. Now it’s time to go out the door. I had nothing. I had absolutely nothing. 36 cents, that was all.”

The two were divorced in 1978 after roughly 12 years of marriage. He passed away in 2007. Tina and Bach married in 2013.

Tina Turner, Erwin Bach

Now, it looks like she’s enjoying her life after retirement. She said of her 2007 farewell tour,

“I got on that plane, Gayle, I took a deep breath and I said, ‘It’s over.’ I really felt like it’s over.  And I’m glad it’s over. And I went home.”

She even had a remedy for fans who miss her.

“That’s okay. They can go watch the videos!  I tell you, when I watch the videos I’m jumping and moving. But enjoy those. But I’m finished with it.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson