Rapper Blueface Films Women Fighting Over Him


Blueface Films Women Fighting Over Him

Blueface (real name Johnathan Michael Porter) is making headlines, again. Footage is circulating of two women allegedly fighting over him. The 22-year-old rapper posted footage on his social media, apparently filming the incident. In the clip, you can see two women, surrounded by others physically fighting with one woman pulling the other woman’s hair. It’s speculated that one of the women fighting is one of the rapper’s baby mama’s. See the footage below.


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Last week, he made headlines after his sister shared footage of him forcing her down the stairs on her IG live. His family then accused him of putting his hands on his sister while she threatens to go upstairs to beat up one of Blueface’s two girlfriends, Andrea. It also came out that there was an issue with Andrea not speaking to them. His sister also shared footage of his mom’s things being tossed out. They said they would call the police before he told his sister,

“You [come at] me with that knife I swear you won’t leave this house alive…”

She then told fans on IG Live,

“This is what Blueface Bleedem does for his two new b****es. He’s made because… we don’t know. Blueface Bleedem just threw his mother outside. He throwing us out because we don’t like his new b**** Andrea because she don’t know how to say hello.”

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His girlfriend, Andrea, said she had no idea what was going on because she was in the shower.

She added the real reason his family is mad is that he has two girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Blueface continued blasting his family after his sister came to their mom’s defense.

He has yet to comment about the recent altercation.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams