Ciara Shares Cutest Video Of Baby Future Dancing After Losing 1st Tooth [VIDEO]

Ciara Shares Cutest Video Of Baby Future Dancing After Losing 1st Tooth [VIDEO]

Singer Ciara shared a proud mommy moment as her oldest of her two, Future (real name Future Wilburn), 5, lost his first tooth on Monday. In her video she posted to Instagram, Baby Future shows off his best Michael Jackson moves while gliding to the King of Pop’s, “You Rocked My World,” hit. Ciara writes,

“It’s Monday!… and we lost our first tooth! Feeling real good.”

She adds,

“P.s. He dressed himself too. It’s a vibe.”

After posting Baby Future’s energetic dance moves, husband to Ciara and NFL star, Russell Wilson took to her comments to give some encouraging words to his step son’s monumental moment. Russell writes,

“He was so, so pumped to lose that first tooth.”

Papa Russ continues,

“The Best! Haha, dancing machine.”

Not only is Baby Future an amazing dancer, Russell is making sure his quarterback skills are on point as well. In a recent post, Papa Russ can be seen coaching Baby Future with the pig skin. The Seattle Seahawk quarterback says Baby Future wants to be just like his step father when he is older.

“I’m gunna play QB for the Seahawks like you one day!” – Future

Papa Russ adds when Baby Future is ready, he can have his spot on the team.

“I’ll Coach you now & in 15 years you can replace me.” – Papa Russ 

As previously reported, Ciara opened up last month on how much Russell has treated his step son like his own, pointing out how Russell’s energy” with him “felt right.”

“Whenever he would think about me, he would think about my son. And to love me is to love my son. We come together,  it’s dope, it’s a different level of love. It has been a very special journey for my husband and I because we are a blended family, it does take time.”

Russell Wilson, Future Wilburn – Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2017

If Russell gets his way, their family will get even bigger.

 “If you would ask Russell, we have, like, five more kids to make.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette