Rapper Tay-K 47 Appears In Court For Murder Charge

Rapper Tay-K 47 Appears In Court For Murder Charge

Rapper Tay-K 47, who released a viral video of him running from the police when he was 16, is now on trial for murder two years later. Tay-K 47, whose real name is Taymor McIntyre, pleaded guilty to robbery but entered a not-guilty plea for the capital murder charge. He’s accused of shooting and killing a man named Ethan Walker during a robbery in Mansfield in 2016.

Walker’s girlfriend, Alyssa Rowell, took the stand Tuesday morning and said Walker was shot in the stomach when his hands were in the air, cooperating with the robbers. He had been playing a video game when a gunman wearing a mask and all-black broke into the home and said he wanted money and drugs.

After Walker was shot, Rowell escaped to a roommate’s closet and called police.

McIntyre’s defense is that while he participated in the robbery, he didn’t know one of his six co-defendants would pull the trigger and shoot and kill Walker. 

Still, one of those co-defendants is reportedly preparing to testify against McIntyre.

McIntyre is now 19 and unfortunately already has a history of being accused of murder and robbery. He was implicated for the robbery and murder of a San Antonio, TX man and the aggravated robbery of a 65-year-old man in Arlington.

But his claim to fame was back in 2017 when he violated the terms of his house arrest and cut off his ankle bracelet. He put out a video on YouTube called “The Race,” that showed him holding a gun and standing near a wanted poster with his photo on it. The video has more than 173 million views.

Meanwhile, he’s also said to be making moves to start a gang from inside jail.

Source: CBS Dallas Ft Worth

Authored by: Char Patterson