Kanye West Blasts Adidas, Kim Kardashian & ‘The Entire Celebrity Culture’ For ‘Ostracizing Me’: ‘All These Situations Are Far Crazier Than What I’ve Been Branded To Be’

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Blasts Adidas, Kim Kardashian & ‘The Entire Celebrity Culture’ For ‘Ostracizing Me’: ‘All These Situations Are Far Crazier Than What I’ve Been Branded To Be’

Update (March 1):  Kanye West has more to say about Kim Kardashian and Hollywood.

Nearly 24 hours after demanding Kim Kardashian pull their kids from what he called a “fake school for celebrities,” the Donda rapper posted an Instagram photo of an email from Zoey Hewitt, the manager of retail and corporate communications at Adidas.

The email had the subject line “Yeezy Release Talking Points” and read,

“As you’ve probably seen [Kanye] has posted statements around the Yeezy release here and here on the authenticity of the … being paid for designs.”

Kanye’s name was scratched out so it would only read “Ye.” The email instructed the team on how to address Kanye West’s claims to the public. (He accused the company of selling the remaining inventory of Yeezys, calling them “fake.”)

Staff was also told to “refrain” from having “extended conversations or altercations,” noting that media requests for comment should be sent to their public relations email.

In response, Kanye West wrote alongside the image of the email,

“This is the document that they give employees at adidas when asked questions about Yeezy. There is an overlap to adidas and Kim ignoring my opinion on where my kids go to school or people ignoring my name change or the entire celebrity culture ostracizing me for my political opinion.”

He continued,

“It all comes down to human rights which you sacrifice when you’re stigmatized with mental issues All these situations are actually far crazier than what I’ve been branded to be.”

See his full post below.

Original Story (Feb. 29): Kanye ‘Ye’ West has a demand for his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian

Early Thursday, the Vultures rapper, 46, shared a very direct message with Kim Kardashian, and his nearly 20 million followers, on Instagram.

He told the 43-year-old Kardashians star,

“Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now. It’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by ‘the system.'”

The exes, who were married for nearly seven years when Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in 2021, share four children: daughters North, 10, and Chicago, 6, as well as sons Saint, 8, and Psalm, 4.

Kanye West added in the caption,

“At this point everybody knows what “the system” is code word for ? I was removed from my dad by the system and the system removed me from my children When the system drafts athletes they avoid working with those who have their father in their life because they are harder to manipulate My two oldest know they daddy is”

Kim has not publicly responded to Kanye’s outcry.


This isn’t the first time Kanye has blasted Kim publicly, especially when it comes to their children.

In February 2022, he lashed out at Kim and over North being on TikTok (the mother and daughter have a joint page on the social media platform).

He shared a video of Kim and their eldest child and asked in all caps,



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On an episode of The Kardashians that aired in June, Kim became emotional over the public drama with Kanye. 

She cried and told her younger sister Kourtney Kardashian,

“[I’m] not OK….I’m having such a hard day today.”

She continued,

“I just can’t,….It’s so different from the person that I married…That’s who I loved and that’s who I remember. I’ll do anything to get that person back.”

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