DC Young Fly Denied Entry Into Canada, Says He Was Screamed At & Treated Like A Criminal By TSA

DC Young Fly Denied Entry Into Canada, Says He Was Screamed At & Treated Like A Criminal By TSA 

Comedian DC Young Fly was turned away from entering Montreal, Canada after lacking proper documentation for a Temporary Residence Permit on Thursday. The Wild N’ Out comedian shared his experience in a Instagram post, calling out how he was treated like a criminal by TSA Agents. He starts with an apology Variety for missing an event that he was being honored, he begins,

“I apologize to Variety for missing the events you have planned for us but unfortunately I was denied into Montréal Canada for not having a (TRP) .. it wasn’t to my understanding that I needed one if i would have known I would have went through the proper procedures.. I’ve ben to Canada at least 5x I DID NOT KNOW about the (TRP)… NOW… i was treated very shitty trying to get in.”

He continues on with how TSA agents screamed and even snatched his phone away from him.

“I was being yelled at talked to like a criminal also had my phone snatched out my hand. I was bein escorted around wit tsa agents like i did something…”

The funny man was actually being honored by Variety Magazine as one of their top 10 comics but unfortunately wasn’t able to attend due to TSA agents. He adds,

“My whole purpose for entering your country was for 1 thing… to be honored from Variety as a top 10 Comedian for working hard… the tsa agent told me “ well I guess they will be honoring 9” (I kept very calm)… but at the end of the day i ben at the airport for 4 hours and have ben denied into the country for?? And im headed back home like I’ve never ben here before ????? I prayed everytime I wanted to spazz (self control) !!!”

To end, DC thanks Variety again for their recognition,

“Varitey I wanna say again THANK YOU FOR THE RECOGNITION.. wish i can be apart of the festivities but according to Montreal Canada they treat me like im on the run.. so now im bringing my BLACK ASS BACK THE STATES.”

Shortly after returning  back to the states, DC posted a photo putting the TSA incident behind home saying,

”We back in the states, now let’s get back to business.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette