K. Michelle Starts Casting For New Plastic Surgery Show

K. Michelle

K. Michelle Starts Casting For New Plastic Surgery Show

K. Michelle has been open with her own struggle to undo (or at least try to) her controversial butt surgery. And now, she wants to help fans do the same.

She took to Instagram to start casting for a new show that will help fans remove silicone after plastic surgery.

“I’ve been working hard to create a platform to save some lives and whelp women remove silicone out of their bodies. If ou are having difficulties and don’t have the money to correct and heal yourself, I want to help you. Please send me your detailed story about your struggle and I will be picking 10 people to get healthy. I’ll be there with you all the way.”

theJasmineBRAND previously broke the story in February that K. Michelle inked her own plastic surgery series on BET.

She previously teased a show earlier this month.

As for K. Michelle, she hasn’t held back when it comes to her own past with plastic surgery. She had her butt implants removed last year, but not before she revealed the ugly reality of how the surgery impacted her body.

Fortunately, she was able to recover. She showed off her new physique earlier this year.

“6 surgeries in 3 months and that ass is still undefeated. I told my story to her you women. I can walk now and twerk on a sausage. Still have 1 more surgeries to make it perfect, but I look f***ing good and I’m going to show off ALL THE TIME. I earned that! Tuh! Don’t like unfollow. Hits blunt immediately. Y’all be making my nerves bad sometimes.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson