Future’s Baby Mama Denies Reports Of A Gag Order Against Her

Eliza Reign, Future

Future’s Baby Mama Denies Reports Of A Gag Order Against Her

It appears that Eliza Reign can publicly say whatever she wants about rapper FutureEliza, who blasted Future for allegedly being a deadbeat father to their four-month-old daughter Reign, has taken him to court in an effort to prove paternity.

Still, she hasn’t been quiet about it on social media. And it doesn’t look like she has to.

She denied reports that there was a gag order against her.

Future has allegedly fathered six other children. As for whether Eliza’s daughter has met them, she spoke on that on social media as well.

Still, she said there’s plenty more she could say about Future that she hasn’t yet.

As for her older daughter, Eliza said she refuses to post her anymore. She said that the child suffered bullying at school once Eliza announced her pregnancy with Future’s youngest child.

Despite the drama, Eliza isn’t against her baby girl spending time with the rapper.

In the meantime, Eliza is trying to get a court-ordered paternity test first to prove Future is the father to begin with. She also requested child support and for Future to reimburse her for hospital expenses when she carried and delivered the baby.

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Authored by: Char Patterson