Malik Yoba Denies Trans-Woman’s Claim That They Had Sex When She Was A Minor ‘She’s Lying’

Malik Yoba, Mariah Lopez Ebony

Malik Yoba Denies Trans-Woman’s Claim That They Had Sex When She Was A Minor ‘She’s Lying’

Actor Malik Yobahas responded to claims from transgender woman Mariah Lopez Ebony that he slept with trans child sex workers, including her, back in the day. See those claims below.


Now, Yoba is denying Ebony’s story.

“Unfortunately, with all these smartphones, people are even dumber than they were before the smartphones. Absolutely she’s lying. But it’s not just the lie. It’s the type of lie. I’ve only become aware of her through other people. I don’t know who she is, I didn’t know who she is. I’ve seen online, people have sent me stuff. That’s the kind of thing that we’re talking about. This trauma is so deep in people that a person like that… I have no idea who this is, I have no idea why she would do what she was doing, but a person like that, and there are many others that carry trauma. And they go, ‘okay, if I’ve been on the street and people have abused me and neglected me, I’m gonna go for that one dude that everyone loves, and I’m gonna say he did it. He did this to me.'”

Malik Yoba

He noted that he will most likely be a target now for coming forward and added,

“All of my heroes are dead.”

“I was attracted to trans at 20, at 16, at 15, trying to figure out like what is this feeling? Okay, I just saw a picture in a magazine of a person that has breasts and a penis, if we wanna get graphic. Because that’s where people like to go first. But trans is not about genitalia. So if you’re a kid and you’re looking at porn, or you’re looking at representations on Jerry Springer… just very poor representations of what it means to be trans.”

“But I’ve become close to some trans men. That is women who transitioned to men. Those are some of the coolest dudes I know, some of the most righteous men I know.”

As for some trans being ashamed to come out and let their partners know about their transition, Yoba added that it’s simply

“a shame.”

He went on to say,

“I was talking to a friend yesterday who’s trans, she said her man’s shame and insecurity would turn into violence toward her.”

In another clip, he also clarified,

“Trans women do not date gay men, gay men do not date gay women. That’s why I say it’s not the genitalia. I understand the confusion. It’s always the essence of a person.”

He added that anyone who has love for someone who’s trans is trans-attracted and that it doesn’t always have to be sexual.

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Authored by: Char Patterson