Kandi Burruss Wants To Write The Majority Of Xscape’s New Album: Obviously, I’m Going To Have To Compromise  

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Kandi Burruss Wants To Write The Majority Of Xscape’s New Album: Obviously, I’m Going To Have To Compromise

The music world is buzzing as it awaits Xscape’s forthcoming new album. The group confirmed it’s up for another round earlier this month. It’s been more than 20 years since they released their third studio album, Traces of My Lipstick, in 1998, before breaking up and taking their own route.

And it’s safe to say fans want more music from the quartet.

Interestingly enough, member Kandi Burruss has confessed that she’s the reason they haven’t come out with a new project. She explained that she’s always been the one who didn’t want to put out a new album.

“Everybody knows that for the longest I said I did not want to do another Xscape album. And it’s not because I don’t love my group members, it’s not because I don’t think we sound good anymore, obviously, we got fans. It’s not any of those things, the business is what’s making me hesitant about it.”

She added,

“A lot of times, though we love each other, we’re not necessarily on the same page when it comes to business. Obviously, all of us are grown women and we’ve all been doing our own thing for quite some time. So to get everyone on the same page, on one accord, sometimes it takes so long. People don’t respond to texts. You gotta be somewhere at 1:00, you get there at 5:00. It just be so much happening. You gotta agree on everything.”

She went on to say the ladies coming to a consensus is difficult enough. While they were able to do it for their 2017 tour, she said they’ll have to agree even more for an entire project.

“It already takes a lot to agree on everything just to do a tour together. But to do an album is a totally different thing because now we have to be on the same page creatively. And I like to be in control, so you know, especially creatively. I think for me that’s gonna be hard. How are we gonna be on the same page as far as the direction fo the album? What if you do something I don’t like? I just gotta deal with it? So it’s just like, who’s gonna pick the song? Who gets the final say on what goes on there?”

She continued and pointed out that it was her mother, Mama Joyce, who put the group on the spot during the Black Music Honors when she said they were coming out with a new album.

So it looks like there’s hope after all. Burruss said,

“How am I gonna say no to that? Turn down my mama? Her only wish? At a moment where we’re getting an icon award, and I am the only hold up? So of course, I was like ‘Okay we’re gonna make this happen.’ Even if it’s just for one album. But how are we gonna make it happen is the question? I would love to write a majority of the album. It’s not about me. I’m not trying to sing all the songs. Lyrics, melodies, songs… even if I’m not writing them all, I want to pick them all. I want to A&R. Can I be the A&R? Is that possible? Obviously I’m gonna have to compromise.”

She said she’s aware the group has great music, and she simply wants that to continue, which she said could be a problem for the group.

Check out her comments at the 8:30 mark.

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Authored by: Char Patterson