Xscape Says They’ll Do 1 Last Album Together


Xscape Says They’ll Do One Last Album ‘When Everybody’s Schedules Get Together’

We haven’t seen the last of Xscape. The girl group made waves when they reunited, and now, it looks like they have one more album in them. It’s all thanks to member Kandi Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce. 

She said the quartet was getting back together during the 2019 Black Music Honors awards in Atlanta earlier this month. Members Burruss, Tiny Harris, LaTocha and Tamika Scott were there to accept the Urban Music Icon Award.

But Mama Joyce is the one that sparked conversation when the moms were saluted during their acceptance speech. She said the ladies will put out another project.

“They still have one album left. The four of them, they started in my basement and I feel that they still have another album in them.”

Burruss later said she was caught off guard, but revealed they aren’t completely against it.

“Obviously she put us on the spot but, I mean. I guess we gon’ grant her her wish. I didn’t know what to say but at the same time, she put it out there, my group members are here … we gon’ make it happen … we gon’ figure it out.”

Harris also added,

“Yeah, when everybody schedule get together we gon’ get in that studio.”

And Mama Joyce is standing by what she said. She added after her moment on stage,

“I feel like [Kandi] just need to get with them and they need to finish that one last album. They all got the voice. They voice is just as good if not better today than it was back 25 years ago.”

If it happens, this will be Xscape’s fourth studio album. Their debut album Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha was released in 1993 and featured their breakout single “Just Kickin’ It” and other hits like “Understanding.”

The dropped Off The Hook two years later with singles like “Who Can I Run To?”

Their final album together, Traces of My Lipstick, was released in 1998. That had hits like “My Little Secret.”

All three of their albums went platinum before they decided to go their separate ways.

They shockingly reunited at the 2017 BET Awards, and shortly after went on The Great Xscape tour when they literally sold our arenas for their shows.

They also had a reality TV show that centered around their reunion.

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Source: Atlanta Black Star

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