EXCLUSIVE: DJ Jus Talks “Scream Tour” Fame, “Millennium Tour” Snub & Why He’s The Definition of “Growing Up Hip-Hop”

EXCLUSIVE: DJ Jus Talks “Scream Tour” Fame, “Millennium Tour” Snub & Why He’s The Definition of “Growing Up Hip-Hop”

After the resurgence of Baby Phat, Normani’s 106 & Park-themed music video, and Alyson Stoner’s show-stopping appearance during Missy Elliott’s VMA performance – it’s safe to say 2019 has been the year of nostalgia! DJ Jus – the original “Scream Tour” DJ and former child actor – enjoyed a whirlwind childhood in the entertainment industry alongside mega-stars like Meryl Streep, Alicia Keys, and of course, Bow Wow. In the age of reboots and reunions, many fans have asked, “Where is he now?” Jus recently opened up to theJasmineBRAND about breaking out of the child-star mold, his “Millennium Tour” snub, and his cameo on the shocking season finale of “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta.” The youngest in charge is now the young O.G.

DJ Jus with Alicia Keys in her “A Woman’s Worth” music video (2001), now

DJ Jus recalls how he got his start as a toddler on the turntables in Queens, NY:

“My dad introduced me [to DJing] at the age of two.”

Jus became the official “Scream Tour” DJ as a pre-teen – arguably, one of the biggest concert tours of millennial times. He calls the tour “legendary:”

“‘The Scream Tour’ – the name speaks for itself! We sold out Madison Square Garden; not just once, either! Historic moments!”

As previously reported, he – along with artists such as Sammie – took to social media adding that he should’ve been included in this year’s “Millennium Tour” alongside B2K and company.

“I was heated. How did I get overlooked when I am the only one to do it?…JD [Jermaine Durpi] saw the vision. That’s part of how I became Bow’s DJ…[I] should have at least got a phone call. It felt like a slap in the face…the fans started to side with me once they seen the video!”

The 29-year-old recently made an appearance on the season finale of “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” in a heated scene showcasing Bow Wow’s latest relationship drama (à la, Jazmine Sullivan‘s “Bust Your Windows”). Here’s what he told us about that night:

“‘Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ is spicy! When the incident took place, I was thrown off – first of all! I didn’t expect shorty to wild out like that! Plus, I didn’t want my brother to get into any b.s. with another female.”

Who do we need to pressure to see Jus regularly on WeTV? Apparently, the answer is none other than his partner-in-rhyme. Bow Wow serves as executive producer of the Atlanta installment of the series. DJ Jus said this when asked if he had officially joined the cast:

“Ask Bow [Wow]! I would do it, though. The world is missing my story.”

Part of that story is acting on both the big and small screens. The young veteran recently dusted off his acting chops, reprising the role of Martin Lawrence‘s “House Party” character in a music video. He says he’s interested in being a part of more movies such as his childhood roles in “Music of the Heart” and BET fan favorite, “Prison Song.” Jus recalled what it took to star in a Wes Craven-directed film:

“‘Music of the Heart’ was special for me- my first movie. The cast was incredible: Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett! I was very excited to meet the director, Wes Craven. I had seen some horror work from him. But I remember just waking up early for violin classes, and really having to learn how to play the instrument for the first time. ‘Prison Song’ was my second movie, [but] my first lead role playing the younger version of [the character] Elijah. I remember everything on that movie set!”

DJ Jus as Elijah in the BET movie, “Prison Song”

DJ Jus says he’s endured the setbacks of similar child stars, but hasn’t let it hold him back.

“We all go through it! Me personally, I had to figure out a way to reinvent myself. I been doing this for 20+ years!”

DJ Jus keeps the details of his future projects vague – perhaps on purpose. But one thing’s for sure: he’s cashing in on the nostalgia trend for himself. He’s returned to the one of his first endorsement deals as a child with one of hip-hop’s pioneer brands – Fubu. He DJs for their iHeartRadio-powered, Fubu Radio. Here’s what to expect next for DJ Jus:

“Fubu is family! I was a Fubu Kid at the age of 4, so everything came back full circle with their relaunch earlier in the year…[I’ve got a] few things in the works: of course, Fubu Radio; my water company, The Liquids Club; [and] more tours.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay