Larry King’s Estranged Wife Breaks Silence On Divorce ‘I Had No Idea This Was Coming’

Larry and Shawn Southwick King

Larry King’s Estranged Wife Breaks Silence On Divorce ‘I Had No Idea This Was Coming’

Larry King’s future ex-wife Shawn Southwick King said she was shocked at news of their divorce.

The two were married for 22 years and have two sons, Chance, 20, and Cannon, 19, together.

Shawn, 59, said she was “blindsided” after Larry, 85, took the step to end their marriage last month. He cited irreconcilable differences and said they had been separated since June.

“I was crushed, I had no idea that this was coming, it hurt yeah. I was totally blindsided.”

She said his decision could be related to a heart surgery he had back in April. Larry has been battling with heart disease for years.

“He’s going through a lot right now… his health issues, that can really shake you to your core, it shook me to my core to see him so vulnerable and he doesn’t remember two solid weeks of time. It’s life, it’s real, it’s not fun.”

Shawn Southwick and Larry King

Lots of speculation have sparked over why Larry filed. Shawn, who is Larry’s seventh wife, specifically addressed the rumors that he filed after he found out she was trying to take away their son’s inheritance.

“They’ve been raised in the entertainment business, in the public eye, so they’ve been around it, but they’ve never been the subject of the headlines. And it was very upsetting to them to have things attributed to them that were not true and so much so that they went to their social media platforms and set the record straight, but initially it was really hard on them.

“They had seen some of the headlines and were frantic to call me to make sure that I knew that they never did or never would say anything like that. It brought us very close together and brought clarity and made a bad thing a good thing.”

“From what I am hearing they were saying that I was trying to take money away from my boys and that’s just ludicrous. Completely false.”

Larry and Shawn Southwick King

She said she’s still trying to adjust to the idea that he actually filed, but insisted he doesn’t have ill intentions.

“I’m sad, I never expected to be at this place in my life, in our lives and have this happen in such a public way. I don’t think, again I’m not in Larry’s head, I refuse to believe that he intended to humiliate me. It’s strange, I can’t quite wrap my head around it, but it is what it is… it hurts.”

“Larry has a very strong personality, Larry does what Larry wants, that doesn’t mean that I can’t disagree with him because I have and I do and will continue for as long as we are on this earth.”

Still, she also doesn’t plan to put up a fight.

“We’re a very passionate couple, neither one of us are quiet, we’re horrible at divorce, we tried but we didn’t ever quite get there, but you know, we’ll see what happens. It has been weeks and I haven’t been served.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson