Meek Mill’s New Song Has Fans Thinking He’s Dissing Ex Nicki Minaj & Her Boyfriend

Meek Mill’s New Song Has Fans Thinking He’s Dissing Ex Nicki Minaj

Although they broke up years ago, there may still be some bad blood between former couple, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill. Just recently during an episode of Queen Radio, Minaj premiered a new song where she took direct shots at her ex—and now, he has allegedly returned the favor…at least that what some fans think.

Nicki Minaj is currently in a relationship with boyfriend and childhood friend Kenneth Petty, but many hip-hop fans are still focused on her prior relationship with fellow rapper Meek Mill.

Meek, Nicki (circa 2015)

The two have traded barbs at each other and sent subliminal messages in the past, which is why many are convinced that Mill’s new song is a direct jab at Minaj.

Mill is currently gearing up to release a new album titled Dreamchasers and apparently, he gave NBA star James Harden a preview of some tacks. Harden played a new song on his social media that immediately had fans thinking it was shading Minaj.

The lyrics to the song that have hip-hop fans in a frenzy, state:

“This s**t beyond me, you was supposed to be my Beyoncé, now you this n*gga fiancé?! What?! F**k you mean you feel a connection? He listen to you, what?! This n***a wore Balenciaga with boot-cut jeans. What the f**k is you losing your mind? Ayo call my f**king phone back yo.”

As the song continues, Mill says:

“Everytime you post this n***a I wanna smoke this n***a. We just broke up last year, how you know this n***a? What you was cheating on me, you was creeping on me?”

After getting wind of the criticism, Mill addressed allegedly slamming his ex on Twitter, writing:

“Stop the bap I’m like on my 6 girl in the last 2 years let me live. Y’all gotta hear the whole thing first ….. just chill.”

At press time, Minaj has not responded to the track because she is currently on a world tour. However, given her track record, if she feels the song is indeed about her, she will certainly speak out.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings