Byron Scott Addresses “Basketball Wives” Family Drama: “To say I skipped handling a family matter is ridiculous!”

Byron Scott Addresses “Basketball Wives” Family Drama: “To say I skipped handling a family matter is ridiculous!”

Many forget that the drink-throwing, profanity-hurling girl drama doesn’t stay among the ladies of VH1’s “Basketball Wives.” It affects their entire families! Three-time NBA champion Byron Scott has had it with the drama between his son and daughter-in-law, Thomas and Kristen Scott; and his fiancee, CeCe Gutierrez. Their storyline for the past two seasons has been that CeCe has divided Byron’s family, keeping him from seeing his children and grandchildren.

However, Byron insists that things are what they seem on VH1. He recently posted this message, slamming the show for accusing him of skipping a dinner with Thomas and Kristen. He says:

“Hey guys! This is Byron Scott. I want to say this to all the ‘Basketball Wives’ fans out there who watch the show on a weekly basis. A couple of weeks ago, it was an episode with Kristen and Thomas getting ready for dinner, and supposedly I was invited to go to dinner at their house. Never happened! I was never invited to go to their house for dinner. Thomas and I had talked about having dinner together, but it was never at their house. We had scheduled a time to go, but I had a baseball game – which I did go to. And we made arrangements to have dinner at another time. So for them to go on and portray that I was supposed to come over and I skipped it, and went to the baseball game instead of coming over to try to handle a family situation or family matter – is ridiculous. I was never invited in the first place.”

“And then for Kristen to come on and say that I put the baseball game – so to speak – in front of the family, it shows my priorities, is crazy as hell. And her always talking about she wants to fix this – she didn’t get close to that. She made it worse. She’s made it worse, ’cause, again, she’s come on TV and basically said I skipped a meeting we had already arranged – which I never been arranged in the first place. So I just want all you guys out there to know the real deal on what’s happening on ‘Basketball Wives.’ And, again, for the family member who said they wanna fix everything to go back on, again, and try to kick me in the face? I ain’t havin’ it. But it’s all good.”

Yikes! Which Scott family do you believe – Byron and CeCe or Thomas and Kristen?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay