Rappers Future & Rocko End Their Feud On Stage [VIDEO]

Future, Rocko

Future And Rocko End Their Feud On Stage

The ongoing feud between Future and Rocko has come to an end. The rappers reunited on stage in Atlanta Sunday (Sept. 22), years after their feud took over headlines.

Future brought out Rocko during his set for the Legendary Nights tour, and it’s safe to say it was an entire vibe.



Rocko also seemed to enjoy the love.

Future and Rocko’s feud dates back to 2016, when Future called out Rocko for suing him. Based on reports, Rocko filed the lawsuit with claims that Future broke their agreement that Future would release his first six albums on Rocko’s record label, A1. But Rocko said he was convinced that Future had a conflicting deal with Epic Records, which would substantially cut down Rocko’s profits. Rocko said Future owed him 25% for commission concerning the advances Future received from Epic plus 20% of Future’s then-upcoming projects like tours.

They also battled it out on social media.

It’s safe to say they’ve come to an agreement now.

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