Rapper 21 Savage’s British Brother, 27, Stabbed To Death In London [Condolences]

21 Savage, Terrell Davis

Rapper 21 Savage’s British Brother, 27, Is Stabbed To Death

Very sad news. The British brother of rapper 21 Savage (She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph) – Terrell Davis – has died. According to Daily Mail, he was stabbed on Sunday (Nov. 22nd) to death ‘during an argument with a friend’ on a south London estate, it has been revealed.

Terrell Davis was a drill rapper known as TM1way. A family source says that he got into an argument with an old friend, who suddenly lunged forward and stabbed him.

21 Savage and Terrell Davis have the same father. The source says:

‘They used to speak on the phone quite a bit and on WhatsApp. I don’t think Savage has been back to Britain for a while because he’s had some legal problems in the US.’

21 Savage was brought to America by his mother when he was a seven-year-old child. He now resides in Atlanta.

A source details the alleged altercation that ended in Terrell’s death stating:

‘Terrell was a good guy, he used to live on the estate but had moved away. But he was round visiting his grandmother yesterday and had gone to the shops for her as she’s elderly and we are in the middle of a pandemic. He was coming back to the house when he saw an old friend. This was someone he’d known for a long time. They started arguing over something and then suddenly he stabbed him. It was completely out of the blue. Terrell didn’t have any enemies that I knew of and he wasn’t involved with any gangs. He just focused on his music. He was really good rapper and was on the verge of doing big things. He wanted to be like his brother. Everyone is in shock.’

21 Savage responded to the news on social media.

We send our condolences to their family and friends.

Authored by: Kellie Williams