B. Simone Shoots Her Shot With Da Baby – l’m Ready To Be A Step Momma!

B. Simone Shoots Her Shot w/ Da Baby – l’m Ready Bae

Comedian B. Simone, 29, took to Instagram on Tuesday (Oct. 15th), revealing her unconditional love for Charlotte rapper DaBaby. In her post, the ‘Girls Cruise,’ star jokingly asks for patiences as her crush entertains women from coast to coast while detailing how she’s ready to be a step-mother to DaBaby’s two children. Simone writes,

“That ain’t tha ….man y’all already know WTF going on Jesus I ask you for patience. I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls. He probably fake laughing at some lame hoe jokes… don’t worry king. A real clown is on the way! TF! He prolly wasting his time with a girl that don’t even like kids while I’m over here ready to be a step momma . I been practicing and everything “ahht ahhht sit down ! Imma tell yo daddy when he get home “ see I got this. I’m ready bae! Ughhhh when I meet him should I be like “hey Zaddy” or “hey king” orrrrr should I say “babyyy boooyyy cmere

In response, DaBaby took to Simone’s comments with a few laughing and waving emojis. In a second effort, Simone responds,

“Man, stop playing with me.”

Earlier this year, Simone was the star of her own show reality match making show looking for love. In the trailer, the comedian says she was tired of being alone after 7 long years.

In a previous video shared by Simone, the comedian says she hasn’t grown out of her love for the bad boy type. In the video she screams from the top of her lungs,

“Where the hood n*ggas at?”

She adds,

“I love me a ghetto a**, hood a**, wooo.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette