R. Kelly Fan Club Manager Suing “Surviving R. Kelly” Participant Jerhonda Pace: She Lied!

R. Kelly Fan Club Manager Suing “Surviving R. Kelly” Participant Jerhonda Pace: She Lied!

The city of Chicago seems to be just as trapped in the saga of the infamous R. Kelly investigation as the singer himself. The plot thickened on October 8th when Darlene April – general manager of R. Kelly’s fan club – filed a lawsuit against one of his alleged victims, Jerhonda Pace. Jerhonda was one of the many women who shared her story on the groundbreaking Lifetime documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The lawsuit paints Jerhonda as a calculated liar, who extorted the fan club for millions of dollars. Plaintiff Darlene April’s lawsuit entails:

“[Jerohna Pace] maliciously conspired to publicly defame the name and character of [Darlene April] and all entities connected with R. Kelly A.K.A. Robert Sylvester Kelly…Pace fraudulently claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Mr. Kelly while she was underaged and then admitted that this story was fabricated and a total lie.”

She also alleges that Jerhonda fabricated her age to attend R. Kelly’s 2008 trial to meet him:

“First of all, she lied. She used a fake ID to get into the courtroom when he had his trial in 2008. She skipped school, she used a fake ID. She was at the trial. She watched child porn.”

When Jerhonda Pace was contacted about the lawsuit, she claimed she had no knowledge of it. She, reportedly, responded via email:

“[I’m] unaware of the lawsuit that you’re speaking of. I have no knowledge of it; I don’t know how to respond to something that I’m in the dark about.”

As for R. Kelly, Darlene April offers this comment on the singer:

“Everybody is innocent until proven guilty.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay