Rapper Future Loses Child Support Battle With Ex Brittni Mealy After It Was Revealed He Makes Over 30K Per Month

Future, Brittni Mealy

Rapper Future Loses Child Support Battle With Ex Brittni Mealy After It Was Revealed He Makes Over 30K Per Month


It looks like a judge ruled in favor of Future’s ex Brittni Mealy!

According to RadarOnline, Future will be paying Mealy $5k per month for their 10-year-old son Prince.

The decision came after it was revealed that the “Mask Off” rapper is pulling in over $30K a month while Brittni Mealy makes roughly $14K a month. The judge said the increase in child support was needed due to a

“substantial change in the income and financial status of the Father.”

As previously reported, Brittni Mealy filed a petition seeking a raise in child support in 2022. Reportedly, the rapper has paid Mealy $3k a month since 2014. However, the Atlanta-based designer pointed out that the rapper’s income has grown considerably since the order was issued, as have the needs of their child.

Brittni Mealy

In her filing, Mealy said Future did not “exercise his scheduled parenting time” and argued he should bear “the burden of additional expenses for” their child.

She accused Future of failing to maintain dental insurance for Prince. She also claimed to have spent extra money on daycare costs since the entertainer doesn’t show up during his custody time. She said he was in contempt of court and demanded he be sanctioned.

Future later opposed the request, arguing that $3K a month in child support was sufficient enough. He argued he had, 

“consistently and timely paid his child support obligation.” 


As for his schedule, Future admits it can be pretty unpredictable but said Mealy was aware of his career and lifestyle. His response read,

“[Future] is currently employed in the entertainment industry and same employ requires that he engage in substantial travel and this his hours of employ vary based upon his employment requirements.” 

Future admitted that he did not obtain dental insurance for their son but was in the process of handling the matter. He demanded the suit be dismissed. However, it now appears the judge ruled in favor of Brittni and she ultimately won the child support battle.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole