Rah Ali Criticizes Remy Ma’s Rap Style: She’s So Focused On Being Overly Aggressively Lyrical

Rah Ali, Remy Ma

Rah Ali Slams Remy Ma’s Rap Style ‘She’s So Focused On Being Overly Aggressively Lyrical’

Rah Ali and Remy Ma’s falling out hasn’t stopped Remy from sharing her thoughts on Remy’s rap style.

Rah Ali recently revealed that she’s not a huge fan of Remy. 

“I think what it is for Remy is that it’s hard to make a song. She’s so focused on being overly aggressively lyrical…”

Makeup artist Richard Lomax then chimed in and gave one of the best Remy impressions to date. Remy Ma added,

“I think she hasn’t understood and established that the sound has changed, and you gotta get with it.”


Lomax also added,

“My opinion is Remy can most definitely Rap and she talented beyond a doubt. And YES, I still don’t like her but I give credit where credit is due. The times and styles of rap has changed. It’s no different from any other artist that has reached their highest peak and just can’t seem to push out another hit. It doesn’t take away from what she’s contributed to music. Just like any other artist she’s able to do shows and give her old fans what they want. Hell, R&B is finally making a comeback. However, you still have a hand full of new artist that can actually sing.”


Rah and Remy allegedly ended their friendship after Rah seemed to take Nicki Minaj’s side in Nicki’s feud with Remy in 2017.

Rah said in an interview back then,

 “We won’t ever be friends again. I’m not gonna continue to talk about [Remy]. I do my interviews to talk about sh*t that I have going on. I’m not like her. I’m not gonna get on the VMAs and say ‘Remy what’s good?’ I have my own things going on.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson