Kelly Rowland On A Destiny’s Child Reunion ‘Can We Have Surprises In This Day And Age?’

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Kelly Rowland On A Destiny’s Child Reunion ‘Can We Have Surprises In This Day And Age?’

The question of if and when Destiny’s Child will reunite is one that will never go away.

Kelly Rowland

Member Kelly Rowland has been the latest to speak out and while it looks like it’s possible if she has her way, fans won’t see it coming.

She said while promoting her Marry Liddle Christmas film,

“I will say, we have made incredible music in the past, and I don’t know. Can we, like, have surprises in this day and age? I mean, I’m just saying. I just find it so interesting, everybody wants to know in advance.

Destiny’s Child

I know every time there is a decision to be made for myself and the ladies to do something, it’s usually a surprise. And our fans have always been so supportive and so awesome, like, I like to give them surprises. I’ve got nothing up my sleeve, I promise you, nothing up my sleeve, but yeah, I wouldn’t say anything.”

While there, she also spoke on speculation that Michelle Williams is serving it up as the butterfly on FOX’s “The Masked Singer.”

Kelly Rowland said,

“I don’t know anything. If Michelle did not tell me, I’m going to be really upset Now I have to call her. I’m going to actually text her right after this.”

The last time fans saw Destiny’s Child together is when they surprised fans during Beyonce’s Coachella performance in 2018.

Before that, they surprised fans during Williams’s performance at the Stellar Awards in 2015.

And of course that time they popped up during Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.

It’s safe to say it’s only a matter of time before they hit the stage again!

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Authored by: Char Patterson