Tamron Hall Reveals Personal Email From Prince, Hints That They Dated [VIDEO]

Tamron Hall Reveals Personal Email From Prince, Hinted That They Dated

The tagline of Tamron Hall‘s brand new talk show is “We all have a story to tell. So let’s talk about it.” Until yesterday, (10/30/19) she kept her stories of her friendship with late music icon, Prince, to herself. In promotion of the release of his memoir that he worked on up until his death in 2016, Tamron opened up about the role he played in her life.

“On April 21, 2016, the world lost a genius, an original thinker, and one of the precious souls in my life that helped me get where I am in this moment. In fact, right before I left my last job, Prince wrote me an email and he said, ‘Why are you waiting for them when you can do this yourself?’ What he meant was you have to believe in yourself…”


Prince and Tamron Hall were rumored to be an item before his untimely death, and she did all but confirm the romance. She said:

“I never share my emails from Prince. I have hundreds, if not thousands by now- but I don’t wanna feel like I’m exploiting…He said he didn’t like clothes. Prince called me every single morning to critique or give feedback on what I would wear. I sent hom a selfie one day, and he then stole my selfie and used it as the cover for his single! We had been very close for years by now…I’m happily married now. We’ll leave that there. We’ll just let that simmer.”

She even shared a risque personal email from “the purple one” himself. Prince wrote Tamron:

“# 1: Eye hate Ur Red Dress…Y? Because It’s touching Ur body and Eye’m not. : (“

Oop! Watch the full clip from the “Tamron Hall Show” below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay