Frank Ocean Releases Surprise Single “In My Room” [VIDEO]

Frank Ocean Drops New Music w/ “In My Room” Track [LISTEN]

Frank Ocean (real name Christopher Breaux) is back again, dropping a new surprise track over the weekend (Nov. 2nd), called “In My Room.” Freshly off of his release of “DHS” at the end of October, Frank Ocean introduced a more uptempo new single to kick off his Blonded radio show on Saturday. In a similar look in his cover art for his previous single single, the singer sits in a room shirtless, wearing only his leopard print socks in a bed.

The “Blonde” singer’s “In My Room” track follows the announcement of the upcoming arrivals of vinyl singles that he debuted in a remixed form at his first PrEP+ controversial club event. During the event in New York for Ocean’s PrEP+ Halloween party, he reportedly debuted another new track, a collaboration with Skepta.

In a recent rare interview, Ocean spoke about being less vulnerable in his music. He states

“I believed for a very long time that there was strength in vulnerability, and I really don’t believe that anymore. “Strength” and “vulnerability” sound opposite as words. And so to combine them soundswise, but I don’t know if it is wise. It’s just this realization that hit me: “Oh, right, it’s a choice whether you will be truthful or a liar.” If I start to tell a story and then I decide not to tell the story anymore, I can stop. It’s my story.“

Ocean continues, adding lies are a little more entertaining,

“The expectation for artists to be vulnerable and truthful is a lot, you know?—when it’s no longer a choice. Like, in order for me to satisfy expectations, there needs to be an outpouring of my heart or my experiences in a very truthful, vulnerable way. I’m more interested in lies than that. Like, give me a full motion-picture fantasy.”

Listen out the single below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette