Monica’s Ex-Husband Shannon Brown Swoons Over Her Nude Photos

Shannon Brown, Monica 

Monica’s Ex-Husband Shannon Brown Swoons Over Her Birthday Photos

Shannon Brown might be Monica’s ex-husband, but he has no problem gushing over her on social media.

He reposted photos from Monica where she celebrated her birthday in the nude and wrote,

“What you say ?!?!?!?!

He also commented on a few of her Instagram photos last month.

Monica filed for divorce from Shannon earlier this year. And despite Shannon’s comments, it was finalized on Oct. 22.

The hearing was less than 10 minutes after Shannon didn’t show up. The two separated roughly a year ago.

But they’ll still be in each other’s lives as they have 6-year-old Laiyah together.

theJasmineBRAND previously broke the news on their agreement for some of their property. It was also reported that neither Shannon nor Monica will get alimony or spousal support.

Shannon was awarded with the home and according to court documents obtained by theJasmineBRAND, he will

“be solely responsible for payment of the mortgage note, property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.”

Monica will keep their 2018 Maybach Mercedes and 2016 Range Rover and primary physical custody of their daughter Laiyah and her two sons from a previous relationship, Rodney and Romelo.

Read the court documents here.

As for why Monica filed to begin with, she’s keeping that under wraps. But she did insist that it wasn’t because of an affair on Shannon’s part.

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Authored by: Char Patterson