NeNe Leakes Says There’s Only One RHOA Queen & Lots Of Princesses: This Is My Baby, I Feel Like I’ve Birthed This

NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes Says There’s Only One RHOA Queen & Lots Of Princesses: This Is My Baby, I Feel Like I’ve Birthed This

While NeNe Leakes was MIA on the season 12 premiere of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she confirmed that she’s still on the series, and isn’t worried about anyone coming to take her crown.

NeNe Leakes, who is the only original member left on the show, and served as the concept for the Atlanta installment for the franchise, opened up about her dynamics with the ladies this season after things got extra rocky between her and her co-stars in season 11.

She revealed that she’ll be making her season 12 debut on the third episode, and reassured fans she’s not going anywhere.

“This is my baby. I feel like I birthed this baby, and I need to see it all the way through. [Though], there are times when I get frustrated with it, and I wanna give the baby up for adoption.”

RHOA circa 2015

“After talking to my family, talking to my friends, and my team, you know, they encouraged me to go pick my baby up and rock my baby. So, Housewives is my baby. And I really do wanna see it stay around for 10, 15, 20 years if we can.”

NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore

As for rumors that she wasn’t coming back on the show because Kenya Moore has returned, Leakes said that’s not true.

“I wouldn’t give her that much credit.”

She added she doesn’t “have a feeling” or a “thought” toward Moore. 

Leakes also responded to hearing that Moore has been blasting her in recent interviews.

Leakes said,

“Well, very good for her. Continue to speak openly.”

She added,

“These girls, to me, all seem to want to be the queen or the one that everybody thinks of when they say, ‘Housewives,’ and I don’t think that that’s possible. I think there’s one queen and there’s a lot of princesses. I’ve been here since day one.”

“There are a couple that try, and it’s OK, though. They can try, they can do whatever they do. I don’t own this platform, you know what I’m saying? I honestly want to see the show stay around, so, do whatever you do, ’cause a lot of things I’m not gonna do.”

While she’s had drama with her co-stars in the past, she said she genuinely tried to turn over a new leaf in the episodes.

“I actually try a lot this season to listen to what people are saying. I really did listen to a lot of things that people were saying, and then I learned that they weren’t talking about nothing, they just talk just to be talking, and it was stupid.”

She then spoke on Moore’s recent announcement that she and her husband Marc Daly are splitting up, as well as rumors that Leakes has proof they didn’t marry for love, if they are legally married at all (which Moore has said they are).

Kenya Moore, Marc Daly

“I’m not even interested in her marriage. I wouldn’t even care to get any dirt on her marriage, that’s not who I am. Now she, on the other hand, would probably care to get something on me, but I don’t care about her marriage, I wish them well.”

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