Lauryn Hill Wants Cousin Thrown In Jail for Failing To Pay Back Her $72K Loan

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Wants Cousin Thrown in Jail for Failing to Pay Back Her $72K Loan

Ready or notLauryn Hill wants her cousin to give her her money back! According to Bossip, in June of 2017, the former Fugees singer agreed to loan her cousin, Gerald Hill, $65K – but under one condition. She would allow the payback to be interest-free as long as he paid her in full within three months. Court documents allege that she feels he had no intention on paying her back at all!

According to the site, she now she wants him thrown in jail for breach of contract. Lauryn Hill’s agreement spelled out that if Gerald defaulted on the loan, she could force him to pay the full $65,000 along with interest and her lawyer fees if she had to take him to court. Gerald never responded to the case last year, putting him into default on the loan. With interest, his debt has swelled to $72K! Yikes!

Last week, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Robert Gardner signed off on a court order for Gerald Hill to explain his financial whereabouts to Lauryn soon, or an arrest warrant will be issued.

Will Lauryn Hill get her money back?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay