Alicia Keys Hits Skating Rink For “Time Machine” Video [WATCH]

Alicia Keys Hits The Skating Rink For “Time Machine” Video [WATCH]

Alicia Keys takes it back to the 90s in her dreamy visual for “Time Machine.” On Wednesday (Nov. 20), the Grammy award winning singer revealed a retro-funk vibe video under the direction of co-director Art Johnson and Alicia Key’s brother Cole Cook. To continue to retro vibe of the record, Keys says,

“It feels like a skating song to me.”

In the video, the newly announced host of the 62nd Annual Grammys skates around a dimly lit roller skating rink with her girl gang wearing vibrant-colored clothing that is oozing with ’90s vibes. Keys adds more on her video vibes which was filmed at Los Angeles’s famed World on Wheels roller rink.

“After you’ve gone around a few times, and you finally get your legs and you’re free and you’re just able to completely be yourself…not worried about Am I gonna fall? Am I gonna trip? Is someone going to bump into me?

She continues,

“When I listen to this song, it makes me feel easier to [do] that because [‘Time Machine’] is such a zone — it’s such a vibration and frequency that you can’t help but just feel good.”


Check out the video below:


Authored by: Gregory Molette