Remy Ma Charges Dropped In Brittney Taylor Assault Case + Brittney Posts Cryptic Message [VIDEO]

Remy Ma Charges Dropped In Brittney Taylor Assault Case + Brittney Posts Cryptic Message [VIDEO]

As of today, (12/2/19) rapper/reality star Reminisce “Remy Ma” Mackie‘s freedom is still in tact. This past April, Remy Ma’s “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” castmate, rapper Brittney Taylor, accused Remy of punching her at an Irving Plaza benefit concert. Brittney even took to social media, showcasing a black eye, detailing the incident.

However, Manhattan prosecutors declared the charges against Remy dropped. Reportedly, the witnesses’ accounts of the alleged fight were deemed unreliable. Assistant District Attorney Juan Maldonado gave this statement on the case:

“After a thorough, months-long investigation, the people are moving to dismiss this case. We cannot prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Remy Ma, who was released after a six-year prison stint in 2014, is ready to put this case behind her. Had she been proven guilty of the fight with Brittney, she would have been sent back to jail. Remy offered this comment:

“I wish they would have come to this conclusion before I had an ankle bracelet and lost months and months of wages and had a curfew- before I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a lawyer.”

Brittney Taylor, seemingly responded to the news – dejected that the ruling didn’t fall in her favor. She posted the following messages to her Instagram Story:

“Can’t wait to get back to Miami where the real love is at. can’t stand New York…Today Is going to be annoying. So Imma start it off like this…SMD!!!! Respectfully!”

Brittney, later, posted this silent video with a cryptic caption, hinting that she spared Remy Ma’s freedom. The rapper’s caption read:

“You’re Welcome”


Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay