Remy Ma Details Her Day In Court As She’s Swarmed By Paparazzi [VIDEO]

Remy Ma

Remy Ma Details Her Day In Court As She’s Swarmed By Paparazzis & Fans

Rapper Remy Ma recently appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday (Nov 12th), wearing thigh-high leopard-print stilettos and a matching beret. While waiting to be seen for her misdemeanor assault case, the ’Love and Hip Hop,’ star dished on her thoughts on being the center of attention during the most awkward moments for celebs. As Remy sits patiently, the paparazzi takes their moment to snap a few photos of the rap diva. Remy takes action, snapping her own selfie while reveal her mood,


In addition, Remy shares a quick video in her Insta-Stories of the paparazzi flashing their light to get the perfect paparazzi shot while in court.


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Soon after, the rapper says despite the paparazzi’s ways of being invasive, she understands their line of work as a career. She says,

”I’m getting a lot of comments saying how “rude/disrespectful it is but crazy thing is, paparazzi don’t bother me that much. At least it’s their job and particular are really nice to me.”

She continues,

”But regular people do the exact same thing all day, everyday. Just with camera phones and the flash is off. Think about it.”

The 38-year-old rapper recently had run in with an overaggressive fan wanted a photo. As reported, earlier this month, Remy politely asked one fan to stop recording after they approached Remy, her husband Papoose, and their baby daughter Reminisce MacKenzie, a.k.a. The Golden Child.


The fan apologized and stopped filming, but Remy used that moment as the opportunity to send a message and share her side of what happened. She wrote in a post she has since deleted,

“DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PERSON! Flag her page though! Me and my husband are super humble – at times TOO humble. We represent BlackLove, positivity and try our best to accommodate REAL fans when we encounter them in public. However, I see we’re gonna have to move differently because there are too many idiots in the world that mean harm and not good no matter how positive you try to be. For instance this person that is currently attacking my 10-month old baby via Instagram.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette