Moniece Slaughter Lashes Out At VH1 Over Edited Love & Hip Hop Scene: The Check & Exposure Has Hurt Me More Ways Than It’s Ever Helped

Moniece Slaughter

Moniece Slaughter Lashes Out At VH1 Over Edited Love & Hip Hop Scene: The Check & Exposure Has Hurt Me More Ways Than It’s Ever Helped

Moniece Slaughter is never one to back down from VH1 or “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

In her latest post, she seemed to be referencing a clip that aired on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” where she explained an incident where she had a nervous breakdown. She said she had just picked up her and Lil Fizz’s son Kameron, when her breakdown began. She said she text and called Lil Fizz, who didn’t answer or respond to her text. She said she ended up calling Lil Fizz’s girlfriend Apryl Jones, who handed the phone to Lil Fizz. He asked Moniece Slaughter what was going on, and she said she didn’t know exactly; she just knew that she needed his help because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to get through it with Kameron. She said Lil Fizz told her to call her parents and hung up. She revealed that Kameron laid on the couch and said he didn’t get why

“I can have a normal mom.”

She said she told him she loves him and was doing what she could to be able to get better for him. Watch the emotional clip below.

As for her Instagram post, Moniece Slaughter called out VH1 for the way the scene was edited.

She denied that her breakdown actually happened in front of Kameron, and clarified that her breakdown wasn’t what caused him to make the comment about having a normal mom. The night she did have the breakdown, she said Kameron was sleeping in her bed and she suffered a meltdown after watching a scene of the reality show. She said she actually locked herself in the laundry room so Kameron wouldn’t see the moment, and called Lil Fizz for help. She added,

“The night he made the comment of not having a normal mom was a totally different week, for a completely different reason.”

She said the day he made the comment, Slaughter’s dad was at their house helping Kameron with his homework. She said she was having a dispute with the show’s production team about a different edit that had already aired ont he show. Kameron wanted to talk to her, but could tell that she was having a moment. He then told Slaughter’s father,

“I don’t understand why I can’t just have a normal mom.”

She said she loved on him and went upstairs and got emotional. She said her dad gave her a minute before bringing Kameron upstairs. That’s when Kameron hugged her and told he loved her. Her dad also offered encouraging words and offered to take Kameron for the evening.

She also opened up about the incident and how it made her feel in the caption.

“All season long. They begged me to have this conversation. I’d gone through the season totally depressed and alone. I explained to them that I wasn’t willing to sit and have the conversation about the effects my depression had on my son with anyone on the cast because while I did have genuine friends on the show. I was paranoid and didn’t want to talk about it. I was paranoid that the edit would create a different narrative that wasn’t true as is always the case when it comes to my storyline. They promised me that when it came to my son and this very sensitive topic of emotional and mental health, the edit would be accurate & the narrative would be handled with care.”

She also reiterated that the breakdown didn’t happen in front of her son before she said she hoped her vulnerability would help her viewers.

“I have always held it together in front of my son. He’s my sole motivation for pushing through at all costs. I agreed in the end because I felt like I wanted to leave the franchise, hopefully able to inspire or encourage someone who is struggling or suffering. I wanted to leave bearing my soul in hopes that my heart posture would be seen and I’d finally be given some type of understanding. That someone somewhere would feel like they were not alone. I wanted to leave a mark on the viewers that would make an impact. I wanted to really get you guys to see that I’m human. That I’m leaving because I’m that committed to my healing and my growth for my son.”

She added,

That the check and the exposure has hurt me more ways than it’s ever helped. And that I’m just like everyone else. Hoping that someone’s mother would be brave enough to sit down with her kid(s), and bare her soul, with the sole intent to lead by example that their feelings also deserve validation, and that transparency and honesty is the only way to receive help in ANY & ALL areas of their lives. That being imperfect and flawed was okay. Showing them what true perseverance looks like. What healing looks like. What growth looks like. What falling and getting back up looks like. And most importantly that they’re not defined by anyone else’s opinions. That she is not defined by her diagnosis. And that they as a unit are solely defined on how they pull through and show up for one another. I pray that I’ve been able to do that”

She also confirmed she’s not returning to the show.

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