Juice Wrld’s Private Jet Allegedly Searched By Police Dogs Last Month + Autopsy Comes Back Inconclusive 

Juice Wrld’s Private Jet Allegedly Searched By Police Dogs Last Month + Autopsy Comes Back Inconclusive

While rapper Juice Wrld’s cause of death is still not known, more information about his alleged struggle with drugs is coming out.

Back on Nov. 18, Juice Wrld and his team were getting on a flight from LAX to Sydney, Australia, according to reports Tuesday (Dec. 10). But they were reportedly briefly stopped after Customs Agents and police dogs performed a search.

It wasn’t confirmed if anything was found, but the plane was given the green light to depart with Juice Wrld on board.

Juice Wrld reportedly died after suffering a seizure just after his private jet landed at a hanger at Chicago’s Midway International airport Sunday morning (Dec. 8). Reports said Monday (Dec. 9) that he had allegedly swallowed Percocet pills in an attempt to hide the drugs from FBI agents, who were gearing up to search the plane. It’s not clear what tipped the FBI to search the jet, but agents later reportedly found 70 pounds of marijuana.

Juice Wrld’s autopsy came back inconclusive. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office said in a statement,

“The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has determined that additional studies are required to establish the cause and manner of death for 21-year-old Jarad A. Higgins. Additional studies include cardiac pathology, neuropathology, toxicology and histology.”

Juice Wrld, whose real name is Jarad Higgins, was on the brink of his success at the time of his shocking death. He took home the Top New Artist award at the Billboard Awards earlier this year.

He spoke on his rise to fame and told The Chicago Tribune last year,

“I haven’t really felt like ‘Oh my god, what just happened?’ But I think it’s a good thing because when people get caught up, they can get lost — lost in the moment. That can ruin somebody.”

Sadly, he celebrated his 21st birthday just days before the fatal incident.

According to reports, he was allegedly scheduled to attend his birthday party Sunday night (Dec. 9).

His girlfriend Ally Lotti has been silent on social media since his passing. But just days before she shared a photo of them together and wrote,

“trust you w my life”

Prayers for Juice Wrld’s loved ones and fans!

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