Yung Bleu Admits Nicki Minaj Cursed Him Out Multiple Times Prior To Dropping ‘Love In The Way’

Yung Bleu Admits Nicki Minaj Cursed Him Out Multiple Times Prior To Dropping ‘Love In The Way’: She Said ‘Your Time Is Up For The Day’ 

Yung Bleu shared what it was like “dealing” with the Queen of Hip-Hop behind the scenes. 

Yung Bleu recently appeared on a recent episode of Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” podcast where he described what it was like encountering the “Barbz” amid working with Nicki Minaj. Yung Bleu shared:

“That situation, it was fun. It was crazy.”

Hesitant on elaborating, Yung Bleu continued:

“Just the whole situation like, like you know what I’m saying? Just dealing with – you know? Just dealing with Nicki.”

The 28-year-old recalled when Nicki Minaj wanted his opinion on the outfit she was going to wear for their music video. He said:

“She ain’t make me, she was just asking me, and I was like ‘do you really care?’ Like I ain’t really know if it matter what I pick but it ended up [that it] did though. What I picked she wore though.”

However, the singer, born Jeremy Biddle, wasn’t talking about wardrobe disagreements when he described working with Nicki Minaj to be “crazy.” He explained:

“I was just talking ‘bout like just far as like the whole build up to the song, it was just, you know, just so much going on to actually get the song out. You know like, up and down, top secret.”

According to the “You’re Mines Still” artist, it took six to seven months for Nicki to give him the “okay,” to drop their project, revealing that he thought it was never going to come out. He continued:

“She just always had something else to do. I ain’t gon’ lie bro, I’m gon’ just tell y’all, we was arguing a lot. Nicki cussed me out like so many times. Like for real though, she real deal cussed me out.”

The Alabama native alleged the Young Money artist cursed him out about three times before they released the single. He added:

“I was just blowed.”

Trying to recalling back to when their arguments first occurred, he shared:

“I was just texting her about the song. I was like, just trying to get the song – Sometimes she’d just forget that we even working on a song. I think. Months would go by and I’d just tap in and she was like, man I forgot what she said but she went off on me.”

Remembering Nicki’s response he said:

“She was like ‘your time is up for the day.’”

He continued:

“We was texting and she was like ‘you reached your talking time for the day.’ and I was like ‘damn!’”

Yung Bleu admitted to eventually apologizing after realizing the Queens native meant no harm. He explained:

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I said my peace, but I ain’t say it like in no super harsh way but I came back and apologized like a week later. I was just like ‘man, my bad.’ I aint really know if you was seeing my messages cause I know you be busy so I was just kinda like-”

He admitted that his reactions to getting ignored was all business:

“I was making a plan over here with my label, like I was telling them- I gotta send them information, I gotta send them like legit information and she kinda like you know what Im saying? So she end up telling me that, you know we had our lil’ back and forth, but she end up like ‘yo let’s just get the song together Bleu’ and I was just like ‘oh, like so she don’t really be meaning nothing by it.’”

Showing his appreciation to Nicki, he said:

“She cursed me out like two more times after that, you feel me? Then we’ll be back cool, so I’m just like ‘oh this just how she- I feel like Nicki a really good person though. I always feel blessed and appreciate her for even like, you know what I’m sayin’, working with me, all that just extra that come with her. I ain’t really no – I got tough skin. Being a fan of Nicki for so long, I know she a diva. What you expect? I wasn’t really trippin’”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill