Juice Wrld’s Ex Girlfriend Says He Took Up To 3 Percocet Pills Daily, Mixing Drugs With Lean

Juice Wrld, Alexia Smith

Juice Wrld’s Ex Girlfriend Says He Took Up To 3 Percocet Pills Daily, Mixing Drugs With Lean

Juice Wrld’s (real name Jarad Higgins) ex girlfriend Alexia Smith is speaking out about the late rapper’s alleged struggle with drugs.

Alexia Smith claims that she and Juice Wrld met at the start of his career in Chicago in early 2018. She says that they began dating before breaking up around October 2018 due to arguments and fights that turned physical.

Juice Wrld

Juice Wrld sadly died on Sunday at Chicago’s Midway Airport. According to reports, he had a fatal ‘opioid overdose’ after taking ‘several Percocet pills’ to hide them from cops, who searched luggage from his private jet.

Alexia tells the Daily Mail that Juice Wrld would take up to three potent Percocet pills a day and mix the drugs with a cough syrup concoction called lean. She also alleges that she ended their relationship because he would become violent when he went through withdrawal.

She said,

‘Seven days away from me, he ended up in the hospital. When he was away from me for seven days, he ended up hospitalized from collapsing on stage. One year away from me, and he’s dead.’

Alexia claims that she saw the drug-heavy world Juice Wrld was involved in claiming that ‘someone from a label gave him morphine and cocaine’ while she visited him.

‘He didn’t do the coke but the point was, in the beginning, labels were fighting over him so bad they would have given him anything.’

She also claims that he struggled with his mental health and was depressed, explaining that’s why he turned to drugs – mainly Percocet and lean.

Alexia says that eventually Juice tried to hide his Percocet use from her, as she urged him to get clean.

She says that rapper Future was a big influence in the rapper’s lean consumption, even telling the superstar musician last year his music inspired him to try the addictive drink when he was still a teen.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Future said he was shocked and was ‘really bothered’ by the confession, adding:

‘I was like ”Oh s**t. What the f**k have I done?” How many other sixth-graders did I influence to drink lean?’

Alexia says she eventually became addicted to lean too, but only realized when she tried to quit, suffering withdrawal symptoms. When she got clean, she pleaded with Juice to quit too.

‘Me and his mom were the only ones telling him to stop because everyone else was doing drugs too.’

And it wasn’t just lean and Percocet that Higgins used. She claims there was marijuana, Xanax, Ecstasy, morphine and coke brought around him.

Smith admits that there were other problems in their relationship, saying Juice was making her promises but would get so high that he wouldn’t remember what he had said. She says that things escalated while he was trying to get clean.

‘When you get [clean], it physically hurts and messes you up mentally. We started to get physical with each other and then he would just relapse because he couldn’t deal with how much it hurt. His body was in pain. My mom just always raised me that once its gets to that point it’s over with. And I told him that and he agreed.’

She said in the YouTube video:

‘It was both ways, I admit it. I’d like to make it clear that Jarad never beat me, he never put a fist to my body, but he has definitely picked me off the ground slamming me into the wall and squeezing me so tight that I had bruises all over my arms. He shoved me into a bathtub where I hit my head on the wall when we were fighting on the tour bus it was to the point that his friends had to pull him off of me and I ended up with the bruise and cuts.’

The two officially called it off around October 2018. She says that she believes that Juice didn’t want to be addicted at the time of his death, saying:

‘He didn’t want to be on drugs anymore when he died. That’s the heartbreaking part. He was a drug addict with no one to tell him no and if he was told no, like by me or Ally [his current girlfriend], he would just do it behind our backs.

She also addresses reports that he swallowed pills during his alleged fatal overdose to hide them from the Feds.

‘I don’t know what the f**k happened in the past year, but obviously something changed, with the people.’

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Authored by: TJB Writer