Lil Mo Says She Got The Guts To Leave Her Husband After He Spit On Her: My Kids Were There

Lil Mo Says She Got The Guts To Leave Her Husband When He Spit On Her: My Kids Were There

Singer Lil Mo is continuing to open up with details about her alleged abuse at the hands of her estranged husband, professional boxer Karl Dugan. In a tumultuous relationship where alleged infidelity, theft, and drug abuse were present – Lil Mo (real name, Cynthia Loving) revealed what she says was the last straw for her. She seemingly told her former morning show co-host, DJ Quick Silva, that Karl Dugan spat on her in front of their children – motivating her to split from him this past May:

“When he spit on me…and my kids were there the day we got back from ‘Marriage Boot Camp.’ What I did was – ’cause I still have the audio – I just remember running out the house that night. It was like two o’clock…when we flew back we were gonna have [a] family day. All the kids- we were gonna go to the mall and stuff like that. And I was just like, ‘Hey, you were supposed to be here…you’re drunk, you’re high. Something isn’t right.’ So he just starts yelling at me, and I’m like, ‘Bro, my kids are here- this and that.'”

Earlier this month, Lil Mo revealed she, once, battled an opioid addiction.

The “Superwoman” singer revealed to DJ Quick Silva just how expensive her drug habit had become.

“We lived in a real secluded [area], like the doctors, the Sixers live over there- like, it was lit! But the higher up you go, them motherf*ckers on drugs, too! Like, it is what it is. The b*tches is zombies…Hell yeah, I’m clean! We didn’t even get to that part where I had to run out of my house at ten o’clock in the morning…drugs – it’s expensive! So when you’re taking bill money to finance a drug habit- like, that sh*t is expensive. Like, 400 [dollars] a day…when I look back as much as I spent- ’cause I was getting money here! I was getting money on them shows! That’s why when people was like, ‘They was getting 2500 an episode’- I was like, ‘Who was gettin 2500 an episode?’ I know how much I was getting! Mona looked out!…I’d literally be like, ‘I can’t wait to get this check so I can get f*ckin’ high.’ Beause it wasn’t about getting high to be high to be looking crazy. I wanted to be high so I wouldn’t have to deal with anything.”

We’re wishing Lil Mo the best of luck on her recovery journey.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay