Keyshia Cole Gets Fuming Mad On Twitter, Calls Sister Neffe A Leach for Penning Book

Eek! I love to watch entertaining drama unfold, publicly, thanks to twitter-but even I was a bit uncomfortable with this one. It should come as no surprise that Keyshia Cole is none too pleased that her older sister, Neffe (real name Neffeteria Pugh) penned her own memoir (called ‘The Price I Paid’).

From what we gather, the real issue isn’t that Neffe wrote a book, but that she had some unpleasant things to say about Keyshia. Let me first say this, I never read the book, only excerpts, so I can’t tell you specifically what MAY have triggered this type of reaction. What I do know is that late Wednesday evening, Keyshia took to twitter calling Neffe (no, she didn’t say her by name) everything but a child of God. She wrote:

After calming a bit, she continued:

Meanwhile, Neffe caught wind of Keyshia’s tweets, and penned her very own twitter response, with what sounds like a little less anger.

She wrote:

#Whew. What’s your take on this? Is it just a typical sibling spat that involves celebrity sisters and it’ll die down like it does in ‘real life’? Did Keyshia over-react, or does she have a right to be upset with how she may’ve been portrayed negatively in Neffe’s book?