Tyrese Claims That Despite His Recent Dubai Vacation, He Still Can’t Afford His $10k Monthly Child Support Payment 


Tyrese Claims That Despite His Recent Dubai Vacation, He Still Can’t Afford His $10k Monthly Child Support Payment

Tyrese stands firm on his claim that he does not make enough to pay his monthly child support payment.

You may recall that last year Samantha Lee — the ex-wife of R&B singer Tyrese — alleged that he had failed to fulfill his obligation of paying the full $10,690 per month in child support as mandated by the court. More recently, she filed for contempt of court against the “Sweet Lady” artist, claiming he only paid her less than half of the required sum in December 2023 and January 2024.

The ‘Fast & Furious’ actor acknowledged that he hadn’t paid the entire amount but explained that his income had significantly declined since the child support order came into effect. Tyrese also clarified that his actions were not driven by malice.

According to recent court records obtained by RadarOnline, the music star is now pushing back against his ex-wife’s alleged efforts to hold him in contempt. He has also petitioned the court to dismiss her motion entirely.

Tyrese and former wife, Samantha

Tyrese’s legal filing noted that his recent international trip to Dubai with his girlfriend, influencer Zelie Timothy, is no indication he has the funds to make the support payments in full for his child.

“Undoubtedly, [Samantha’s] counsel will bring up [Tyrese’s] Holiday Trip where [Tyrese] utilized his frequent flyer miles to visit and stay with a friend in a foreign country, not knowing that the flight cost [Tyrese] nothing and that [Tyrese] was hosted by his good friend during his trip outside of the U.S.”

Tyrese’s attorneys also pointed out that his income has been on a downward trend in recent years, saying,

“the years in which he films [a Fast & Furious] franchise movie, his income is the highest in those years. In 2022, [Gibson] filmed the franchise movie in question, and he has not filmed any segment in that franchise movie since 2022.”

They added,

“Consequently, [Gibson’s] income has fluctuated downward since the trial in this case, and as expected, [Gibson] does not earn the same amount that he earned in August 2022.”

The recent WGA and SAG strikes were also referenced in the court filing. Tyrese’s legal team shared,

“[Gibson] was gravely impacted just as everyone who works in Hollywood. Because of the six-month work stoppage in the film industry in 2023, and because [Gibson] has not shot a major film since 2022, [Gibson’s] income has decreased to less than twenty percent (20%) of what [Gibson] was earning in August 2022, which [Gibson] would like to prove at a hearing on this matter.”

Tyrese and Samantha Lee exchanged vows in 2017 and share a daughter named Soraya. The former couple publicly revealed their decision to divorce in December 2020.

A decision from the judge is still pending on the issue.

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Authored by: Candice O