Keyshia Cole Deactivates Social Media Amid O.T. Genasis Trolling Her


Keyshia Cole, O.T. Genasis

Keyshia Cole Deactivates Social Media Amid O.T. Genasis Trolling Her

Did Keyshia Cole reach her breaking point?

“Everybody Mad” rapper O.T. Genasis has been unapologetically trolling the singer for days, and now she’s deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

It’s not clear if it’s because of O.T. Genasis, but her move comes just after he sported a Keyshia Cole sweatshirt for the holidays.

Before that, he teased a collaboration.

He also seemed to troll her with her hit song “I Should’ve Cheated”.

All of this started after O.T. Genasis covered Keyshia Cole’s song “Love” with his own version called “Never Knew.”

While many thought it was genius, Keyshia Cole wasn’t happy about it. She said on her late-night talk show on FOX Soul:

“…Passion for the music that I had so long ago when I ain’t have no hope… But now, I’m smooth sailing, I’m good, I got my family, getting my mom right. I’m okay. But I’m really trying to get back to where my music used to be, so I would like my classics to be left alone. Is that wrong? As an artist to say… I mean, I love everybody that sings my song.. I had Cardi sing my songs and Bruno Mars was singing it, Trey Songz was singing it in the club. But they keep my lyrics the same, you understand what I’m saying? So, how am I gonna get paid if you’re making new lyrics and you haven’t sent me out a check? I don’t even know how that thing goes. And people hitting me up saying ‘I would never listen to Keyshia Cole’s song the same…’”

Now, Keyshia is MIA on social media.
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